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Sunday School for all ages will begin at our Fall Kick Off on Sunday 9/3 at 9:30AM.

Class Locations for Sunday School
Nursery (birth-3yo): Magnolia (small room)/4
Young Children (4-2nd grade): Maple Cabin/8
Older Children (3rd-5th grade): Poplar Cabin/7
Youth: Magnolia (large room)/4*
Adults: Sycamore/5

*Youth will join the Adults in Sycamore for the first couple of weeks

Fall Sunday School Series
This fall, the Youth and the Adults will be considering the topic of human sexuality. With all the confusion and challenges in our day related to the issues of gender and sexuality, it is a crucial time for us to allow the Bible to speak into and shape our understanding and beliefs about these issues. We will be using our denomination’s recent study committee report as our basic text. You can find the whole report here. It is also available in book form under the title “A Body of the Lord” (with a few additional resources included). We will not be going through the entire report in detail, but focusing on the Preamble & Twelve Statements which can be found here. Note: For several of the weeks of this Study (including the first two weeks), the Youth and Adults will be combined for Sunday School, meeting in Sycamore.

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