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Dear Youth and Parents,

With the interest form feedback in mind, we are proceeding with the Youth Communicants Class on Sunday, 4/30 after service in Magnolia. While this class is officially focused on what non-communing students need to know in order to become communing members, we strongly encourage you to bring ANY and ALL youth with you to the class. Even if they are already communing members, this class may help them understand better what it looks like to participate as a communing member.

What to Expect
We will have lunch after church along with some extended teaching. We will talk about what it means to believe the gospel, to participate in communion and in the life of the church as a communing member, and how to continue to grow in your faith. With Covid, many of our students missed teaching opportunities on these topics that we would have offered, so we decided to offer this in a condensed way to all our youth.

Further Communicant Studies
If you are not able to participate for the 4/30 class, we hope to provide another opportunity in the fall or winter. In addition, we will continue to include communicant info in the 3rd-5th grade Children’s Ministry class on a regular basis in the fall.

Please complete this new RSVP form for all class attendees (youth and parents).

As always, feel free to talk to the pastors or elders about your family’s situation and any questions you have on the topic:



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