Vanity Goes to Church

January 31, 2016

Series: Ecclesiastes

Format: Sermons

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Vanity Goes to Church – Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Sermon Questions

  1. What are some typical things that we hold up as things we don’t like about church or church people? (Caution for all these questions: we are trying to encourage self-reflection, not self-righteous pointing out of all those stupid things everyone else does.  We need to see ourselves in the “problem” group)
  2. The Preacher is warning us that worship often doesn’t work in this passage. What are the 4 commands he gives that show us our worship problems?
  3. Just from a look at the text, what is the common theme in our worship problems? (A: how we talk and use our tongue toward God and others in worship) Why is this such a problem for us you think?
  4. What are some of the ways that you have seen yourself vow things to God (or maybe vow things to others about God) that were unwise? Why was it hard to keep those vows?
  5. What are the deeper roots behind our rotten worship? What do we desire and want deep down that results in crummy interaction with God and other church people?
  6. There are several strong comments in the passage to “put us in our place” Why is God kind and gracious to put us in our place? Why is that important?
  7. So what should we do? Avoid church? Assume that it will always stink? How does the gospel help us think about dealing with our rotten worship problems, individually and corporately?
  8. How should we interact with God any differently after thinking through these issues?
  9. How should we interact with others at church any differently? How about those who are hesitant to come to church?
  10. What issue for you personally came up in the sermon or in the study of the text that you want to see change and growth in, so that you can worship with reverence and confidence?
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