Vision & Values


“To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” – Colossians 1:27-28

Cross Park’s Vision is taken from the beginning of Colossians 1:28, “Him we proclaim …”

Him We Proclaim

Life is about God, revealed to us in Jesus Christ.
As individuals and as the church, in all things we worship HIM.

Life is designed to be lived as a part of a spiritual community. WE were meant to worship him together.

Life with him is so vitally important that we long to share our faith. We will always look for ways to PROCLAIM the life that Jesus offers.


Jesus is the leader of his people, and he is the main character in the story of the church. The good news recorded in the Bible is all about Jesus–who he is, what he has done, and what he is doing. Our preaching and worship are centered on him, and all our goals are focused on enjoying him and telling each other and the world about the greatness of Christ, the one who died and rose again to give us abundant life.


God has called together a community of people called the church. He has designed his people to live not only in relationship with him, but also in connection with this group of other Christians. In fact, it is only when regularly interacting with the community of the local church that we can live our life with God in Christ Jesus to the fullest. It is within the church that God tangibly shows us his grace and teaches us to follow him together.


When we have deeply known his love for us, we long to share the good news about Jesus with others. God calls us together so that we can be equipped to share this good news with one another as we learn from the teaching and community of the church. He then sends us back out to proclaim the good news to our neighbors in Charlotte, and to those in every corner of the globe who need to hear of Jesus’ greatness.

“Him we proclaim …”

Each component of our vision is best understood in relation to the others.

HIM / We

Jesus is the one who is building his church, his people.  He calls his followers together into a body so that we can exist in connection with him and with each other.  It is only because of him that we can enjoy a relationship of genuine love, forgiveness, and peace with our church family.

WE / Him

Without Jesus Christ, our community would simply be a gathering of friends.  But because our community is about him, it is formed into a church, a spiritual community, and a place where there is real life–His life.  Because of his work, we can have true fellowship with others.


There is no good news without Jesus.  He is the content of our proclamation, and the goal of our proclamation is that people would know him.  Jesus continues to proclaim what he has done through the written Word, making Scripture central to all that we do.

HIM / Proclaim

Jesus is the ultimate proclaimer, the ultimate missionary.  He came to accomplish redemption and to establish the proclamation of that redemption to all the earth.  And through the work of the Spirit, this good news is even now continuing to reach the nations.

WE / Proclaim

The church community does not exist simply for its own good, but to proclaim the good news.  When we proclaim Jesus to others, we will not try to hoard up the gifts of God.  Instead, we will learn to look outside of ourselves and to care for others through evangelism, missions, and mercy.


Our proclamation is done in community, and it is done with an eye toward forming a community, not just adding individuals.  Proclamation of the good news happens through the church, as members speak the good news to each other and to the world.


Our six values are each drawn from the central components of our vision.

What we believe about Jesus shapes our church goals. All that we care about and hope to accomplish has its roots in our vision.

Cross Park’s Core Values:

  • Worship and Word / HIM
  • Community and Cultivation / WE
  • World and Charlotte / PROCLAIM

HIM / Worship

Life is designed to be lived in close connection with God at all times. Thus, all of life is an opportunity to worship. In a fallen world, we must live a life of worship by prayer and by faith. God also gives us regular opportunities to gather together for public worship each week.

HIM / Word

Because the Bible shapes what we believe and do, it has a central role in our gatherings together. Not only does the Bible teach us about ourselves and about God, it also shows us clearly who Jesus is and how he has made a way for us to return to God.

WE / Community

God has made us relational beings, created to interact with one another to experience life in its fullness. Close connection with each other will allow us to bear one another’s burdens, to love one another well, and to experience how Jesus is reproducing his life in our midst.

WE / Cultivation

The church is a place where we can learn and grow to be more like Jesus. He has given us spiritual gifts to discover and to use in the context of the church. He also gives us opportunities to develop leaders to be sent out to serve the universal church.


God loves the people of the world and has always planned for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to be part of his family. We want to love like God loves, to give from the blessings we’ve been given, and to sacrifice our comfort to participate in what God is doing worldwide.

PROCLAIM / Charlotte

God has placed us in South Charlotte so that we can be a blessing to our community. As we seek to reach the world, we continue to look for ways to reach our neighbors here in Charlotte through evangelism, mercy ministry, hospitality, and other partnerships and opportunities.

Him we proclaim …

that people in South Charlotte and the world may thrive in the gospel.